About Us

Since 1996, AmeriCan Telecom Inc. has been selling new and refurbished Telecom equipment since 1996 and specializing in Spectralink products since 2002.  We work with hospitals, long-term care facilities, manufacturing plants and we understand the importance of having wireless communications at all times.  We work diligently to have stock on all of our products and we pride ourselves on our in-house repair department.  We rigorously test and re-test all of our repairs and refurbished equipment.  Most of the Spectralink model phones are repaired within one business day and in some cases can be shipped out on the same day as received.  Unlike others in our industry who offer FALSE 18-month or 2 year warranties, we stand fully behind our one-year warranty with pride.  We have had many customers come back to us after trying these other vendors and tell us that they do not honour their warranties, calling the phones un-repairable.  

Ameri*Can will work hard for your business and not stop until you are satisfied.  We look forward to being able to help any client who has an existing wireless system or help to provide the equipment required to set up a new wireless system.