We will repair all of your Spectralink/Polycom phones for $95 each.

We can repair Spectralink/Polycom LTB100/6020, PTB400 & PTB410, WTB150/8020, WTE150/8030, any PTX model, any PTE model, any PTN model and any Nortel or Avaya branded Spectralink phones.

If your model of phone is not listed, please call us to verify. 

Note: Not all phones can be repaired; for example, water damage phones.

Click here to read the Ameri*Can Telecom Warranty.

Note: Not all phones can be repaired, such as e.g. water damaged phones.

Contact Us for Details:
Phone: 1.800.730.8304
Fax: 1.888.730.8304


Service Maintenance Agreement

Have your phones covered for just pennies a day. You can have the peace of mind of not having to spend a lot of money to have your phones repaired; just one low monthly/quarterly cost.

  • 1 – 32 phones covered for just $95/phone per year
  • 32 – 64 phones covered for just $75/phone per year
  • 65 phone and more covered for just $50/phone per year

Please call us for more details.

Send us your WORKING, worn out phones for refurbishing!


Warranty / Non-warranty Repairs

Unlike other manufacturers and repair centers, we offer a superior and standard one-year warranty on all of our equipment.

If you experience any problems with your Spectralink equipment please use the following procedure to return the equipment. Also, if you are sending in a non-warranty item for repair, please follow the same procedure.

  1. Pack up all defective equipment in a box (if shipping back phones, please do NOT include the battery).
  2. Enclose a note in the box which lists your company information and what is enclosed in the box.
  3. Ship to address is as listed on the top of the page.
  4. For the customs paper work, ensure you list that the equipment is defective.
  5. List a value of $10.00 for all pieces of equipment – the equipment is defective and does not have any real value.
  6. Once received at Ameri*Can, we will promptly test the equipment and send out repairs or replacements to you.

For any further questions or concerns, please call 800-730-8304.