Warranty is one year on all products except batteries and pouches. Warranty begins at invoice date and ends 365 days after that. If a product is returned for repair and cannot be repaired the cost of the product less the days in use will be refunded.

Eg: Jan 1 product is purchased for $365.00 and product is returned 360 days later and cannot be repaired a total of $ 5.00 will be refunded.

Warranty does not include misuse. Eg; dropping causing damage to displays or plastics, water damage, or general ware from usage eg: worn out keypads or removal warranty labels or tampering of warranty label.

If a product is returned and a no fault is found a min of $ 50.00 will be charged. If a product goes defective with in 30 days of invoice we will cover ground shipping one way. After 30 days the purchaser is responsible for shipping both ways. General ups and custom and duties shipping charges to the USA are $40.00 per shipment.

Canadian orders will be determined by postal code from our location to senders by UPS.

Any product sent in for repair follow the same warranty listed above. Any product sent in for repair with any tampering of labels will not be repaired. If we can not repair a product sent in to us we will notify the sender. The Sender is responsible for shipping cost both ways.

Service Maintenance Agreement

Have your phones covered for just pennies a day. You can have the peace of mind of not having to spend a lot of money to have your phones repaired; just one low monthly/quarterly cost.

  • 1 – 32 phones covered for just $95/phone per year
  • 32 – 64 phones covered for just $75/phone per year
  • 65 phone and more covered for just $50/phone per year

Please call us for more details.